Online Marketing Services

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Online Marketing Services

In today’s day and age, advertising can be done in various ways for your business, and can range in cost from next to nothing, to thousands of dollars. With our Online Marketing Services, Stride Graphics & Web Design can effectively market your business online through:

Effective Website Design

Stride Graphics & Web Design develops websites that describe your product or service in an informative and relevant fashion, with compelling visual appeal. Also, websites that are easy to navigate, making it simple for the visitor to find what they are looking for. Efficient coding plays a key role in making your website searchable, and Stride Graphics & Web Design keeps up with the latest standards in HTML and CSS coding. Contact us if you are looking for a new website, or want to give your existing website a face lift.

Email Campaigns

Email marketing campaigns have become a standard way for businesses to advertise their brand. In comparison to print advertising, broadcast commercials or even brochures, email allows more information to be relayed to current and potential customers than any other medium while costing a fraction as much.

Benefits to email campaigns:

  •  A cost effective solution
  • Personalize your email campaigns and drive them to your website
  • Instant communication with your customers
  • Full reports generated for analysis of your campaigns
  • Fully Integrated into your website
  • Give your customers what they want

With its many advantages, email campaigns provide a cost effective solution and help to measure the effectiveness of any given campaign. No more blind mailers that only provide you with vague information on your R.O.I. With virtually no cost to your business, email campaigning is an ideal solution for any small to medium business. Contact us to get started with your email campaigns.

Online Marketing Services - Surrey, Vancouver BC

Online Marketing Services – Surrey, Vancouver BC

Social Media Marketing

Social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn, are not only great tools to increase your exposure, but more importantly, increase your business. With an active approach in participating in all faucets of social media, it can be a cost effective way to grow your business.

Why Social Media?

  • Encourage readers to share with their network of people
  • A cost effective solution
  • Driven by word of mouth
  • Easily accessible to anyone with internet access
  • It’s Easy!
  • Your competition is doing it!

At Stride Graphics & Web Design, we understand that the biggest enemy of any small business is time. Well, using social media marketing is definitely worth your time. The future of smart phones and mobile internet use is not going away, and by keeping on top of your social media marketing, you can stay in touch with your potential customers. Contact us to get on board with social media marketing.